We pride ourselves on providing the best possible alarm services to our clients.

Bruce Hotchkiss founded Burglar Alarm Services, Inc. in 1985. Mr. Hotchkiss is a graduate Engineer who earned his degree from Georgia Tech Institute of Technology. Burglar Alarm Services, Inc. is insured, licensed and state certified for both fire and burglar alarm systems.

Burglar Alarm Services is one of the largest independent burglar alarm companies in South Florida!

Burglar Alarm Services, Inc., provides sales, installation and monitoring of residential and commercial burglar alarms, fire alarms, medical emergency units, card access and closed circuit television systems. Any resemblance, however, to the large, impersonal companies stops there.

When you call us, you'll be greeted by a live operator who can answer your questions, or get you in touch with the proper person. We are professionally trained and experienced to handle the most sophisticated alarm installation and service needed.

Central Monitoring Station

We hope you never have an intruder or a fire in your home or business. But if you do, you'll appreciate that people who know the area monitor Burglar Alarm Services' systems. Furthermore we are connected to four other central stations so that if there is a sudden influx of alarm signals, the calls are automatically routed to the central station that has the most operators available to respond quickly.

In the event of an emergency, a trained professional at the monitoring station will call for help by notifying local authorities.

Peace of Mind 24 Hours a Day

We emphasize selling a high quality product and servicing customers in a professional and efficient manner. We only partner with reputable manufacturers and suppliers, so we have confidence in the products we sell and services we offer.

Can You Afford Not to be Protected?