Home Security Intrusion & Alarm Solutions

Burglar Alarm Services offers many security solutions for single-family homes, multi- tenanted buildings, gated communities, & condominium environments.

Fire and Lifesafety Protection

Protect your home or business from more than just crime! Burglar Alarm Services offers a host of monitored devices to keep your property safe.

Digital Cellular Communicator when landlines are lost
Total Connect
  • Immediate Alarm Notificaitons
  • Live and recorded images of alarm events
  • Virtual keypad controls for your securtiy system
  • Track entry and exits

  • Invest in Peace of Mind

    A security system is an investment for your peace of mind. In general, a system is available for any budget. Costs do vary and largely depend on which security features you choose, what you want to protect and the area you live in.

    An alarm system is designed to:

    • Detect an intrusion
    • Activate a warning device upon detection of an intrusion
    • Bring an appropriate response to an emergency
    • Enhance the apprehension of criminals

    The security system installation and activation of your new home alarm system is surprisingly affordable. With today's unpredictable economy and possibility of rising crime, Burglar Alarm Services, Inc. understands that every family is even more conscious of how they spend money. Your family and valuable property should be well protected so your family can enjoy living free from stress or fear.

    • When an alarm is triggered, signals can be sent to your email or smart phone.
    • Alarm System/Video System Integration, An "Alarm Alert" activates your security cameras automatically.
    • Alarm, Arm and Disarm your system on your smart phone, or over the internet

    • Special Codes For Occasional Users:
      Your housekeeper, for example, can have a code that will only work with your home alarm system on certain days or times. Or you can program a code that will automatically erase after only one use, to let a neighbor in to feed your dog while you are on vacation.

    • Duress Code:
      If someone follows you into your home and forces you to disable the alarm system, keying in a special code disarms your home security system, but sends a silent panic signal to the monitoring station.
    Monitoring Services

    AlarmNet AlarmNet - Parallel Cellular

    Provides two means of communication (cellular and traditional phone line) to Burglar Alarm Services' network of interconnected Customer Monitoring Centers. Burglar Alarm Services, Inc. brings you the most robust communication products available. Our ground-breaking solutions such as Dual-Path and Triple-Path Technology increase the reliability of security communications so signals can get through.

    Fire Monitoring Fire Monitoring

    Burglar Alarm Services' smoke/heat detectors can help notify you and our Customer Monitoring Center, so we can call the fire department - even if you're not home or at your business.

    Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

    Burglar Alarm Services, Inc. sensors can help notify the occupants if high levels of this "silent killer" are detected.

    Advanced Burglary Protection Advanced Burglary Protection

    This command center helps provide 24-hour monitored protection from burglary, fire, carbon monoxide and lots more. You can also open the garage door, control room lights, even turn on your TV.

    Emergency Service Unit Emergency Service Unit

    Two-way voice personal response system that can connect you with Burglar Alarm Services, Inc in case of a medical emergency. This service provides home health security and unparalleled protection, helping to provide end user and caregivers with peace of mind.

    Flood Detection Flood Detection

    Sensors can notify the Alarm Monitoring Center of rising water in the home, whether it's from a broken pipe, an overflowing washer or an external source.

    · 24/7 Police Dispatch · 24/7 Fire Dispatch · 24/7 Medical Dispatch Add